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Waste dictionary

Francesco Cucari, an 18-year-old boy who lives in Matera, has made a very useful application for smartphones called "Dictionary of refuse".
This app is used to help people who need to recycle. With this application, the first the first thing to do is to type in the place where you live because recycling varies from city to city.

Then you open a window with 4 icons:
The first one is called "dictionary", where you can see the right recycling bin for the waste that you need to dispose.
The second icon is called "calender": it allows you to check the days on which the separate collection will be carried out in your city.
The third one, which is called "Info and maps", shows where recycling bins are located in your city.
The fourth one is "Home service": it tells you on what days you can call someone to come and collect bulky waste.
This application is very easy to use, convenient, useful and it allows us to be precise when we recycle, avoiding impact on the environment.

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