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My app: "EuropeAir"

The pollution of the air is an important problem, this app Its main objective is to provide updated information on air quality, incorporating also the option of consulting the data based on the geographic location of the citizen. In this way, the user does not need to browse the websites of the different administrations looking for this type of data.
The application has 3 main sections:
  • Favorites, represented in the horizontal menu by a star. In this tab you can save the air quality stations that interest you the most.
  • Map, section represented by a triptych. From here you can access to an air quality map with the different measuring stations for air pollution, symbolized by a point. Its colour is defined by one of the 5 categories adopted to represent the emission limits set by Directive 2008/50/EC (very good, good, moderate, bad and very bad). In addition, by clicking on the station information, you access a screen with detailed values of 4 main pollutants: ozone, nitrogen dioxide, PM10 and PM2.5. This section also gives you the option to filter the data, being able to search by station type or pollutant.
  • Help, section represented by three points. In this sheet it is possible to consult the relative aspects, for example, to the data, to the effects of atmospheric pollution, etc.
EuropeAir, an air quality app to inform you about air pollution

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